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We solve patients' vision issues in a focused, detail-oriented way. Our expertise, attention to detail, and the meticulous way we interact with all of our patients will ensure you receive the very best vision care.

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Laser Cataract Surgery Explained by Paul H. Ernest, M.D.

Dr. Ernest founded his Michigan practice in 1978. Solving patients' problems in a focused, detail-oriented way is something that he prides himself on. Dr. Ernest's background in science engineering at Northwestern University enabled him to take an approach to cataract surgery that is up-to-date and innovative when it comes to using modern technology in diagnosing his patients' vision issues.


“Dr. Ernest, Thank you! I want to express my appreciation to you - my vision improvement is wonderful! As of four days after the surgery, I could see more clearly without glasses than previously with them, for years. Bright light sensitivity and their ability to work together is far better too! In addition, the people of your staff are all very considerate.”

- Cataract Patient, Jackson, MI

“Dr. Ernest is wonderful! I didn't feel a thing; there was no pain or discomfort. The best part was having my astigmatism corrected at the same time. I can't wait to have my other eye done.”

- Sharon, Clarklarke, MI

“Before my cataract surgery,the lights on my Christmas tree had halos around them. Now the halos and glare are gone any my vision has improved tremendously. Throughout the process, Dr. Ernest and his staff were great, everything was explained very well.”

- Donna, Onstead, MI

“I had a cataract so big and invasive that my opthalmologist only trusted Dr. Ernest to deal with it. It was so big and so bad that Doctor, who had done 65,000 cataract surgeries, had never seen anything worse...Yesterday, I got my driver's license back. I passed the test without glasses. The eye that Dr. Ernest saved is now 20-30+. Please know my extreme gratitude.”

- Bob, Grand Blanc, MI

“There are no words to describe the miracle you wrought with my vision. Being legally blind without thick corrective lenses and then being able to see my alarm clock and drive after dark, has given me a new view of the world around me.”

- Cataract Patient, Litchfield, MI

“When I met you, I was instantly assured that I was in good hands. It has truly lifted my spirits to be able to see so well. It has helped me focus better mentally and improved my balance. Thank you for dedicating your life to this work!”

- Cataract Patient

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