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Cataract surgery is an important and beneficial procedure that should be carried out by a cataract surgeon that has extensive experience and knowledge. When deciding which cataract surgeon should perform your procedure, consider the entire cataract surgery journey.

With us, that means that from the moment you make a call to schedule an initial consultation, you’ll work alongside a surgeon you can trust and who has your best interests in mind.

Dr. Paul Ernest is a trusted, widely renowned cataract surgeon who understands the accuracy and diligent attention to detail that cataract surgery requires.  He has shown his community over the course of decades just how compassionate, collaborative, and dedicated he is to providing only the best services to his patients.

Ultimately, when you choose Dr. Paul Ernest and his team to provide your cataract surgery needs, you are partnering with one of the most trustworthy and meticulous cataract and refractive specialists in the country.

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Our Guarantee – Personalized, Patient First Care

Dr. Ernest’s number one guarantee is to put his patients and their personalized health needs first, and he takes this quite seriously.  Dr. Ernest requires an in-person consultation for every patient who is interested in getting cataract surgery. During this procedure, he will run a variety of diagnostic tests on your vision to best decide which lens option is best suited for you, your lifestyle, and your wellness needs. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cataract surgery; each and every patient will receive a personalized plan just for them.

Dr. Ernest and his team always take ample time in a patient’s initial consultation, and he takes the time to get it right the first time when assessing a patients needs and creating a plan to improve their vision.  Similar to purchasing a fine automobile or well-tailored suit, Dr. Ernest will take significant time to ensure you receive the correct lens based on your vision needs.

Our Experience – Dr. Paul Ernest’s Respected Career

Dr. Ernest is no stranger to his profession of cataract surgery. Rather, he has committed his entire life to providing only the most curated and customized cataract care to his patients ever since graduating from medical school in the 1970s.

With decades of experience under his belt, and over 90,000 successful surgeries performed, Dr. Paul Ernest is not only a surgeon you can trust with your health and wellness, but also is an advocate you can depend on. That is, while performing thousands of surgeries over his lifetime, Dr. Paul Ernest has also been on the front lines of positive surgical innovation and change.

Whether it can be found in one of his many published research studies, on a local television show, or decorated achievement awards, Dr. Paul Ernest has established his long lasting dedication to utilizing cutting edge technology for the betterment of both the procedure and the patient.

Due to his background in science engineering at Northwestern University before becoming a renowned ophthalmologist, Dr. Ernest is well versed in the most modern and current lens technology available.  Dr. Ernest’s screening study, based on science, has resulted in a 100% correlation between a patient’s visual results and the predicted science as a result of the study.  This means he is one of the very best in terms of correctly diagnosing and correcting whatever vision issues you might be experiencing.

Ultimately, Dr. Paul Ernest is a cataract surgeon with one of the most respected practice and research careers out there. When deciding upon which cataract surgeon is best for your needs, we encourage you to meet with us so you can experience our expertise firsthand.

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